Research Engine Insights Helping Build Extraordinary Companies
Available in 2019

Research Engine

Understanding the business value of innovation at the intersection of startup, machine learning, data science and statistics can pay dividends, bringing the recently impossible into the realm of possibility and providing key competitive differentiation for your organization. Our research focuses on emerging trends that are still changing due to algorithmic breakthrough, hardware breakthrough, technological commoditization and data availability. Accompanying the research are working prototypes that exhibit the capabilities of the algorithm and offer predictive insights on its practical application for startup companies.

Contextual Content

There’s a vast amount of company building content and data on the Internet, but it’s difficult to access what’s relevant based on your stage, market-timing and geography. Anyone who’s searched for something knows that search results tend to be splintered, immaterial, promotional, off-base and many times, contradictory. At the same time, more relevant content is being published online — but it remains largely undiscoverable and scattered across blogs, Medium, YouTube, Quora etc. Through our algorithms, we’re able to source the best content across the entire Internet. The Rehinged Research Engine hooks into our predictive modeling infrastructure which acts like a database of extremely high-quality advice about all aspects of building companies, organized to help you find exactly what you are looking for based on the problem you are trying to solve.